May All Your Special Occasions be Awkwardly Silent

My name is Brennan Bova, and this blog is host to my idea, the creation of awkward silence greeting cards, cards designed to both convey the feeling of an awkward silence as well as induce one upon being read. I will soon have samples available to be viewed and purchased, so just hang tight and before long I will have this blog page fully functional, or at the very least more functional than it is just now.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Line

Well, here it is. The first EVER (sort of) line of Awkward Silence Greeting Cards. These are the first (sort of) designs completed for the cards but more will come in future. Ideally I'll eventually get them printed somewhere and produce a bunch in one go but until then if you have interest in purchasing some for yourself, then just email me or something. We can work something out easily enough.

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